Three Reasons to Use a Plumber When You Have Slow Drains

slow drains repair

In today’s world, we have plenty of available services on a long-term or even short-term basis. From plumbing services to air conditioning systems, there is always something available to do, no matter what you need at the moment. However, when it comes to plumbing problems, most people call Grand Prairie Plumbers. This is why it is important to do a slow drain repair on your own before calling in the professionals.

Home Services: Slow Drain Repair Most home repairs can be done in the home, although professional help may be needed for some drains like bathtub repairs. Clogged Drains (traditional and tankless) Slow Drain Repair: A clogged drain can occur for many reasons – so it’s not surprising that most homeowners first notice the problem when their sinks are filling with water. Clogging is also caused by hair, soil, food particles, and anything else that could get into the drain pipe. Slow drain repair is possible with the right tools and time, but if the drain is clogged, it will take more than just a little time to work it out. So, instead of waiting until the next drain maintenance day, go ahead and fix it now.

Home Services: Plumbing Drain Service Anytime a drain needs to be repaired or replaced, it is recommended to contact a professional plumber. A drain snake is a plumbing tool that consists of a flexible wire used to reach and unclog a slow drain. Since a drain snake has a very long wire, it is nearly impossible to install the tool improperly. Most drains can be easily ungapped – especially those that are located in bathrooms. In other words, a good plumber will know how to install a drain snake the right way, every time.

Some people believe that they can “nip” a clogged drain in the bud – but this is rarely successful. Although it is possible to snip the top of a slow drain, most pipes will re-attach themselves over time. Another common myth is that a drain snake will push the blockage further down into the sewer system, causing more damage. Again, a plumber is the best person to answer any questions about installing a drain snake, whether you are dealing with a slow draining bathroom drain or a stubborn main sewer drain.

Slow Drains Repair Tips If you are dealing with a slow drain, there are several things you can try at home. Many people swear by rubbing baking soda down the drain and leaving it there for a few minutes. While this may sound like a good idea, it is actually very harmful – and should never be tried on an emergency drain.

Another option that is worth considering is to use a plunger. Using a plunger is fairly straightforward – all you do is stick it down the drain and pump it up and down a couple of times. This should dislodge any obstructions that are clogging the pipe. However, be sure not to stick your hand down the drain! Your hand can become very cold if it gets wet, and you don’t want to risk getting burned. So, if at any time you decide you don’t want to stick your hand down your drain, try one of the other options.

Of course, the best way to deal with slow drains is to call in a professional plumber. Although some people feel that they can learn enough to make an effective repair on their own, it is usually a good idea to call in a professional to avoid ending up with a blocked pipe that costs more to fix than it was worth, to begin with. A reputable plumbing company will usually be able to determine the cause of your slow drain within just a few minutes and should be able to fix the problem promptly. In addition, many plumbing companies offer drain cleaning services for customers who have slow drains as well.

For homeowners, hiring a plumber is generally the best way to go. Although it is tempting to try to fix a slow drain on your own, you may find that your attempts are unsuccessful. The pipes under your sink or in your bathtub may be hard to reach and dangerous to try to clean without a plumber present. Even if you can fix the drain on your own, calling a professional to repair problems he or she knows nothing about can mean saving a lot of money in repairs.