How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

Hiring a professional for AC Repair is crucial to enjoying comfortable indoor air conditions. After all, AC systems use high-voltage circuits that can be dangerous if mishandled. To avoid any such risks, choose an AC repair company with insurance and a BBB rating. They should be licensed and insured, and you can find out whether they have these credentials on their website or through their BBB profile.


AC repair costs vary widely. The average price of a minor repair is about $125 to $459, while major repairs can run as high as $2,300. The cost of AC repair services depends on the type of repair required, the location of the unit, and the company you choose. The average cost of an AC repair depends on the severity of the problem. Major repairs usually need more expensive parts and more complex repairs. For older AC systems, a total replacement will be more than $2,300.

A leaky evaporator coil can cost up to $2,300. The evaporator coil can also be a source of leaks, and can be difficult to detect, as it is made of metal. If it is leaking, a professional can fix it. An AC repair job can range anywhere from two hours to two days. However, some parts are more expensive than others. The fan motor is essential in blowing cold air into the home and can cost as much as $225.

A yearly maintenance visit should be performed by a licensed technician to avoid voiding the warranty. This service can cost anywhere from $50 to $110 per visit, but it’s far cheaper than replacing your AC. Most new air conditioners last at least ten years, but they might need repair after a few years. It’s important to note that a new air conditioner usually comes with a parts warranty of 10 years, but it doesn’t cover the labor costs.

In addition to capacitors, your AC system uses the electrical system to run. If the capacitor becomes damaged, the capacitor is likely to be replaced. However, if the capacitor is still working, the repair can cost between $100 and $400. As an example, if the capacitor is not working, the system will not operate properly. It could be a blown fuse or the need for a rewiring. A circuit board repair could cost anywhere from $100 to $500.

You can also save money by DIY repair. Some common AC unit repairs can be fixed at home, which saves you from paying a professional. Most of these minor repairs are relatively cheap – only $50 or so. If you’re an aspiring DIYer, you can try replacing a pump or a circuit breaker yourself. Most of these repairs only require a few dollars, but they can still be dangerous for beginners. If you are not sure what to do, look online for guides and how-to videos.

When your AC is causing problems, the blower motor might be a prime candidate for replacement. The blower motor runs the fan blades inside the unit, causing cool air to circulate through the house. If the blower fails, it can increase the temperature in rooms or even cause the air conditioner to run continuously. Otherwise, you could end up with no air conditioning at all. The cost of AC blower repairs is typically around $150-250.